Amazing’s Work Experience Blog 08/07/2024

Having done a 4-day work experience with Box of Tricks, I must say that I couldn’t feel any better with the place I chose. The work environment was lovely and I felt genuinely welcomed. They listened to the ideas I brought to the table and gave me useful work to complete. It was nice to be treated with respect and genuine kindness.

Over the week I was given new, challenging yet intriguing tasks which gave me a true understanding of what the industry was truly like and how much dedication was needed in order to make theatre to be what we all know and love. It really helped me in choosing the next steps once I leave high school. Having an interest in theatre and doing work experience at a theatre company has made me realise that there are a lot more career paths that relate to theatre that aren’t necessarily acting and that they are far more accessible then what I thought.

Being given the opportunity to be part of a writers mosh pit and be in a room of people who share similar passion was nothing short of reassuring that I made the right decision of where to do my work experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better place as it helped answer so many questions about the steps required in order to get into the theatre.

It was an enriching and delightful experience to be able to work with Box of Tricks and I truly wished that I had more time with them. I am forever grateful for this experience and I wish the company the best! 😀

~ Amazing Isola, Student at Co-op Academy North Manchester