Batter Chatter: Actor Josh Moran 21/03/2018


1. Tell us about your role

Eric is in charge of the grand reopening of a chip shop whish has been part of his family for 60 years. He is determined to make the shop a roaring success, but cheerfulness and showmanship may not be enough to save the day.

2. What do you love about the play?

For me it often mirrors my own life, which is both lovely and scary. Too close for comfort sometimes. Fish and chips!

3. Tell us your chip shop memory

Getting locked in the cellar of a chip shop in Stockport when very young, hearing all the chopping noises and smelling the fragrance of the fish, seared in a nightmare scenario in my mind. It’s amazing I can still look at a chip or a piece of fish.

4. Who was your first love?

Debs x

5. Where are you most looking forward to visiting on the tour and why?

Wales is always beautiful. I remember eating fish and chips on the beach in Aberdaren.

6. What’s your order at the chippy?

Baby’s head, chips, gravy.

Chip Shop Chips is on a national tour until 21st April 2018 . Book tickets here.