Cast Away Blog: Associate Producer Amy Fisher 17/01/2017

1. If you were lost at sea with only one song, what would you choose?

The Bee Gee’s. More than a woman. I know it’s cheesy! But can you really be sad when listening to this?!

2. You take one photograph to pin up next to your bunk, what would it be?


I don’t think there is a photograph in existence that has enough of my favourite people in it so I’ve gone for this one. It’s the view from my parents bedroom window one Christmas. We don’t have this little caravan anymore (which I hated as a child because I thought it was so embarrassing) but here it is next to the garden. This caravan and this street have so many memories. My mum and step dad have lived here most of my life and my grandparents live basically next door so it’s pretty special. And I love Christmas!

3. You have a copy of one poem to see you through the storms, what would it be?

Let us be lovely by Edward Monkton


I like lots of Edward Monkton’s poems. Short but sweet.

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