IN DOGGERLAND tour opens to great reviews… 12/11/2013


“Manchester-based company Box of Tricks know how to pick their writers; Tom Morton-Smith’s script is both poetic and philosophical, a thoughtful meditation on the impact of loss… There are some really heart-wrenching moments… In Doggerland is a touching and funny play that explores the lives of four people bought together by tragedy and hope.”
What’s On Stage ★★★★

“A lyrical study of loss… Such emotive subject matter could easily feel sensational or prurient, but Morton-Smith’s careful handling gives rise to a lyrical character study of ordinary people burdened by exceptional circumstances. Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder’s impressively spare production for Box of Tricks contains some affecting performances… The heart may be only a pump, but Morton-Smith’s play suggests that the most skilful surgeon on Earth will never be able to replace a soul.”
The Guardian ★★★

“It’s a sensitive and emotive subject matter but it’s handled here with careful sincerity and honest characters. Beneath the sober subjects of loss and mourning there’s a light sprinkling of humour and some snappy dialogue… The play’s greatest strength is that all of the characters boast the rare quality of being truly relatable… The standard of acting is very high and the pacey direction from Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder keeps a natural flow… You have to applaud playwright Morton-Smith for the subtle, incisive and thoughtful skill with which he’s rendered relationships between characters.”
The Skinny 

“Morton-Smith displays admirable restraint as he charts the choppy waters of love, loss and guilt without resorting to histrionics… Morton-Smith ignores the more obvious narrative paths to focus instead on a subtler and more emotionally resonant tale highlighting how people connect with and impact on each other… Morton-Smith’s uncanny ear for dialogue, perfectly capturing the randomness of everyday speech as well as the way people reveal information about themselves, and a touching, unshowy denouement, demonstrate that this is a theatre company to watch and a writer in ascendance.”
The Stage

In Doggerland is a mature, thoughtful drama about loss, responsibility and relationships, sensitively directed by Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder. Its central themes could have been treated sensationally, but here are handled with intelligence and genuine emotional resonance. A fine play, see it if you can.”
Remote Goat ★★★★★

“The seeming simplicity of Morton-Smith’s dialogue belies a rich, poetic meditation on loss, identity and the complexity of care. Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder, co-artistic director of Box of Tricks, handles the play with appropriate attentiveness and an evident talent for finding the delicate, the intimate and the personal. This generates sensitive performances from the excellent cast of four… Where Tyrrell-Pinder excels is in the powerful rendering of character in her universally strong cast, with stand-out performances from Clive Moore and Natalie Grady as the alienated father and daughter, and sensitive work by Benjamin Blyth and Jennifer Tan as the curious siblings.”
Exeunt ★★★

“A smart and engaging new play… An intricate and intriguing story is peeled away with extreme delicacy. Morton-Smith and director Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder create four concise and credible characters”
Manchester Theatre Awards

“Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder directs with an impressive sense of pace, allowing the scenes to unfold naturally without fear of silences… It’s an intriguing piece with some clever ideas, likeable characters and even some nice flashes of humour and certainly worth a look.”
British Theatre Guide

“In Doggerland is well-executed by Box of Tricks… Philosophical, attentive and poetic, Morton-Smith has set up a complex tale of the fragility of identity and the burden of loss… An absorbing production”
A Younger Theatre

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Rosehill, Whitehaven
14th November 7:30pm

Derby Theatre Studio
15th November 8pm

Mill at the Pier, Wigan
19th November 7:30pm

York Theatre Royal Studio
20th November 7:45pm

The Continental, Preston
21st November 7:50pm

Lantern Theatre, Liverpool
22nd-23rd November 8pm

Exeter Phoenix
26th November 8pm

Square Chapel, Halifax
27th November 8pm

Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold
28th-30th November 7:45pm