Top Tips for TV Pitching: David Judge 27/10/2020

As we get nearer to the closing date for our Screen/Play Award in partnership with Sky Studios, we turn to SparkPlug playwright and actor, David Judge, for inspiration and to give us his top tips on pitching for TV.

– Be big. Be brave. Be honest.

– Why tell this story now?

Who is the story for?

What do you want this story to do?

– I heard someone somewhere say, the story starts when the stranger comes to town – like in a country and western – the horse back cowboy riding into town. Don’t spend too much time setting up the history of the world – let us discover it.

Watch and read as much as possible – Be aware of other shows similar in theme, ambition, and execution. Reference points will help with creative dialogue and making your vision clearer.

– A rubbish shirt has generic buttons with no identity. A top shirt has specific buttons with the makers mark on each of them. Make sure all the buttons on your shirt have their makers mark.

– Above all, be yourself. Write for yourself. Enjoy yourself.

~ David Judge, playwright and actor

Want to see David in action? Check out his brilliant PlayMakers Masterclass: Exercises for Creative Muscles.

If David’s got your creativity flowing, you’ve got until 6 November to get your applications for our ScreenPlay Award in. We look forward to reading your submissions!