Creative Jam

Creatives of all disciplines, this is a jam. Box of Tricks will hold the space for practicing artists of all disciplines to come together and explore the magic of collaboration.

Creative Jam is a workshop exploring creativity. This is a space for artists of all kinds - musicians, writers, visual artists, designers, spoken word poets, actors, dancers, everyone! - to come together and create unique, 'in the moment' connections.

Whether you have a scratchy idea you want to test out, a riff that needs a lyric, some choreo crying out for a soundtrack, or even a completely blank page - this is a night with ambiguity, play and surprise at its heart. Feel free to bring along any instruments, bits of kit or scraps of text (or just bring your lovely self) - the workshop is made by the people in the room, so come with an open mind and let's create chaos and beauty together.