My Arms

A new play by James Leach

20 July – 8 February 2013

“Do you think you were coming back here? Brave. Brave of you to think that.”

A rainy night in Manchester. Colin finally returns home to face up to his past, but wife Helen is struggling to rebuild what is left of their broken home.

Told in reverse order, My Arms is a compelling new drama about the limits of love and our willingness to forgive.

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“'One to watch'... Writer James Leach weaves the strands together perfectly. Each scene not only holds it own but also links to the one before. The cast captures the characters perfectly... My Arms should definitely still be considered one of the highlights of this year’s 24:7, as it is an excellent play.”
★★★★★ What's On Stage
“James Leach's marvellous script not only contains further surprises it ensures that the emotional impact of the story deepens... Director Adam Quayle skilfully creates a subtly different mood for each of the scenes... The performances match the quality of the script and direction.”
★★★★ Public Reviews
“A warm reception for this compact two-hander, brought to Preston’s pub theatre on a small-scale tour after acclaim in their native Manchester... Leach evidently has an ear for the rhythms of real-life language and the little details of life that will strike a chord with any audience... Acting it all out looks like second nature to Josh Moran and Susan Twist.”
British Theatre Guide
“James Leach's domestic drama... is well-served here by Adam Quayle's precise direction and a couple of fine performances from well-liked local actors Roberta Kerr and Josh Moran... Roberta and Josh are both highly accomplished actors... They bring a sad authority here to a play that, like so many others in 24:7, deserves to be seen by a wider audience.”
Manchester Theatre Awards
“My Arms by James Leach is a time-reversed account of a tense relationship, uncoiling... Josh Moran and Roberta Kerr delineate every shift in the tensions that seem unavoidable as they meet up... Adam Quayle’s production paces all this superbly, with what’s implied being as powerful as anything said... An assured story which is absolutely right as it is, one of several plays in a strong season that are well worth future production.”
“My Arms is one of those intelligent plays that makes the audience work for its reward, and stays with you as a result. Strong performances are a necessity, and Susan Twist was mesmerising as put-upon wife Helen, finding herself again after a life of dealing with a difficult husband. Josh Moran was a perfect contrast as Colin, a gruff, particularly northern man’s man.”
Made Up, Liverpool
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Creative Team:

Director: Adam Quayle Designer: Rachel Wingate
Sound Designer: Chris James Video: George Haydock
Original Music: Chris Hope Assistant Producer: Charlotte Mountford
Stage Manager: Jack Dale Cast: Roberta Kerr and Josh Moran (24:7)
Cast: Josh Moran and Susan Twist (Tour)

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Show Calendar

24:7 Theatre Festival, Manchester 20 July — 27 July 2012
Re:Play Festival, Manchester 24 January — 26 January 2013
Mill at the Pier, Wigan 30 January 2013
Milton Rooms, Malton 1 February 2013
The Continental, Preston 7 February 2013
Lantern Theatre, Liverpool 8 February 2013