The Captain of the School Football Team

A new play by Kenneth Emson

16 July – 19 July 2009

“The universe stops for everyone. Everyone except one.”

Amid the prefect badges, school blazers and empty B&H packets, a secret lurks that will send shivers down the spine of a small community. Kev goes out with Lisa, Lisa lives down the same road as Jack, Jack hangs out with Ben.

But on a warm sunny day, when they should have been at school, events take a darker turn and it’s no longer just a laugh.

A dark, lyrical tale of teenage tragedy, The Captain of the School Football Team is a dizzying journey through the irrevocable events of one summer’s day.

“Magnificence... The dialogue in modern teenager vernacular and the narrative containing verse and rhymes reminiscent of Mike Skinner, the tale rose to crescendo deftly and steadily.”
★★★★★ Remote Goat
“Kenneth Emson’s use of poetic dialogue coupled with inner-city slang creates a punchy little opener about playground jealousy.”
Totally Theatre
“Its rollicking verse style evokes memories of happy-go-lucky schooldays in a manner reminiscent of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers, before tearing off the rose-tinted spectacles... The play delivers a lesson about the unplumbed darkness present even in people or situations we thought safe and familiar.”
British Theatre Guide
“The language has a delicious rhythmic quality, depicting school life and sincere tragedy.”
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Creative Team:

Director: Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder

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Show Calendar

Latitude Festival 2009 16 July — 19 July 2009