Frank Pig Says Hello

by Patrick McCabe

11 April – 30 April 2006

“Yoo hoo! I'm flying. I can see all the way down there... It's Pig who Soars. Pig who flies high into the sky and away over the roofs of the town. It's warm and then it's cold.”

Based on his novel The Butcher Boy, Patrick McCabe’s Frank Pig Says Hello¬†takes you on a journey through the mind of Frank Pig, a cheerfully manic delinquent growing up in small town Ireland. Caught between fantasy and reality, his world unravels before him as he skips through his days in pursuit of happiness.

Touching, troubling, funny and moving, Frank Pig is a dark tale with a light touch.

“"William Roberts' beautiful design makes good use of the space, creating an extraordinary atmosphere that takes you inside the mind of Frank Pig... Huge energy...very engaging...sheer theatricality"”
On the Fringe, Resonance FM

Creative Team:

Director: Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder Designer: William Roberts
Lighting Designer: Rob Stemson Sound Designer: Lee Stevens
Music: Chris Hope Stage Manager: Josh Green
Cast: Declan Mills and Graham Boland

Show Calendar

Barons Court Theatre 11 April — 30 April 2006