A playlist of revenge and revolution

6 – 8 June 2024

“We make the fun for you. We do all the hard work. You can’t do it yourselves so we bring you this shining city of fun. We transport it, rig it, turn on a bit of light in your otherwise dark.”

Get ready for a rewind! Following the sell-out success of our Word:Play cycles, Box of Tricks’ Remix reimagines seven short plays with third-year actors at Rose Bruford Wigan.

Drawn from a back-catalogue of Box of Tricks’ hits, Remix is a night of fresh mixes of short plays for the next generation. Expect a remix of colliding worlds and clashing characters: holiday romances, suburban swinging, school day cigs, old stories with old friends, picnic shenanigans, funfair magic and nail salon dramas.

Turn up and tune in as Remix pumps up the volume with a killer playlist of short plays of revenge and revolution.

Remix playlist

Greek Tragedy by Elinor Cook
A dark romantic comedy set in a tacky beach resort in Greece. When a young man toys with the emotions and affections of a group of friends, who will have the last laugh?

Safety by Marcelo Dos Santos
Ben’s new to all this. Mark’s a grizzled veteran. Olly’s in love. Someone pass the tea. A sexy black comedy exploring queer relationships in a digital age.

The Captain of the School Football Team by Kenneth Emson
Amid the prefect badges, school ties and empty B&H packets, a secret lurks that will send shivers down the spine of a small community.

The Surety of Numbers by Daniel Kanaber
Two old school friends meet up for dinner. But when the past rears its ugly head, and old demons emerge, can they forgive and forget?

Let Them Eat Cake! by Katie McCullough
Couples picnic in the park, but the course of true love never did run smooth. Sometimes what you want is simply not on the menu.

The Turn by Siân Owen
The funfair has come to town! But it’s not all fun and games. A dark comedy about fairground attractions, as four people try to break the cycle.

What Cheryl Did Next by Leo Richardson
When Cheryl’s boyfriend Dean sleeps with another girl, best friend Shaniqua promises a revenge mission will heal her broken heart.


Cast Members:

Creative Team:

Directors: Adam Quayle & David Judge Designer: Chloe Wyn
DSM/PM: Arber Binjaku ASM: Phoebe Mycroft
Sound: Aidan Good Lighting: Jodie Underwood
Set builders: David Smith & Thomas John-Harris

Show Calendar

Rose Bruford College, Trencherfield Mill, Wigan 6 — 8 June 2024