Tales of Two Cities

London Tales / Zagreb Tales

13 November – 14 November 2011

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...”

Box of Tricks and Nu:Write join forces to stage Tales of Two Cities: a transnational theatrical adventure in six parts. The Anglo-Croat company present six 15-minute monologues inspired by place: three London plays in English, three Zagreb plays in Croatian. Celebrating these two great capital cities, this is theatre without boundaries: a cross-cultural, bilingual collaboration that unites the very best of both worlds.


Shove, Kenneth Emson
“And I started to feel like I was about to fall. Like I was about to come crashing to the floor and this feeling took me over.” The story of how we fell.

Struck by Love/Train, Evan Placey
Sarah fell in love today. Before she fell under a train. But she needs to break up with her husband. One woman’s journey to find true love on the London underground.

David, Daniel Kanaber
“It’s amazing how much life fits into so little time”. A portrait of one summer and its impact on a lifetime.


Zagreb, mon amoure, Srdjan Sandic
ZagrebBoy27 logs on and plugs in to the worldwide web. Every morning. Every night. He is angry and frustrated and tells a story about Zagreb, love, sex, politics and the failing economy.

The One Who Waits, Olja Lozica
One morning she woke up and realised that her life is remarkably boring, remarkably routine. And now, at this particular moment, she is locked up in a bank lobby, talking to a security camera, waiting for someone or something to happen.

To fuck because we want to, Vedrana Klepica
“Approximately _ _ years ago, he told her: Be quiet … Be quiet.'” A short piece on what we decide is real.


A picture is worth a thousand words…

Snapshots is a wraparound project: we’re asking the public to send photos of London and Zagreb, striking images that evoke what their city means to them. The photos will make up a gallery of images presented on the blog and at the Nu:Write Theatre Festival.

Playwrights are then invited to write a one-page play inspired by an image of their choice to be played by the Anglo-Croat company for Tales of Two Cities: Snapshots at Nu:Write 2011.

“Bite-sized theatre is well worth finding the time for”
What's On Stage (on Word:Play 4)
“Wonderful short pieces of passion… This is what theatre should be: raw, funny and completely entertaining.”
Remote Goat (on Head/Heart

Creative Team:

Directors: Adam Quayle and Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder Cast: Ross Armstrong, Adam Best and Natasha James
Movement Director: Robin Guiver Sound Designer: Fergus Waldron

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Show Calendar

Waterloo East Theatre, London 13 November — 14 November 2011
Nu:Write Theatre Festival, Croatia 15 November — 19 November 2011