Batter Chatter – Actor Mark Newsome 22/02/2018



  1. Tell us about your role- 

I play Lee Jamieson… a shy, hapless, eager to please 18 year old. Trying his best to overcome the struggles he’s had in his life, he finally lands his first proper job in Booth and Son’s chippy. He then is re acquainted with a girl from school and drama unfolds.


  1. What do you love about the play?

I love that it’s so funny but also very moving. It’s a proper rollercoaster.


  1. Tell us your Chip Shop memory?

When I was kid, I used to go the chippy with my Mum & Dad and the lady behind the counter would always give me and my sister a chip on a little wooden fork as we waited for our food.


  1. Who was your first love?

Still waiting on that one!


  1. Where are you most looking forward to visiting on the tour and why?

I’m really looking forward to going to Wales as I trained as an actor in Cardiff and the place will always hold fond memories for me.

Also Oldham! My home town.


  1. What’s your order at the chippy?

Sausage, chips & gravy.


Chip Shop Chips is on a national tours from the 23rd February to the 21st of April 2018 . Book tickets here.