PlayBox Takeover 2020: Meet the actors… 10/01/2020

New year, new plays!

If your New Year’s resolution involves new theatre and new plays, kick-start 2020 as you mean to go on and get those creative juices flowing. We launch headlong into this year with our day-long PlayBox Takeover at HOME’S Push Festival on Saturday 18 January.

Join us for a creative day of new plays and conversations…

We have a Writers’ Breakfast for local playwrights, three Rehearsed Readings of new plays from our 2019 PlayBoxers and a workshop on Taking New Plays from Page to Stage. Both events are FREE and readings are just £4 each (or just £10 for all three!)

We’re delighted to announce a crack cast for our Rehearsed Readings. Meet the actors…


PlayBox Takeover: Programme

10:30am – Writers’ Breakfast
Come join Box of Tricks and our PlayBoxers for coffee and pastries and a chat about how we develop new plays and support the next generation of playwrights.

12pm – Rehearsed Reading:
by Nana-Kofi Kufuor
In a classroom over the course of an hour, a teacher and a student dissect a traumatic experience fuelled by racism and a sense of wanting to belong.

2:30pm – Workshop: Taking New Plays from Page to Stage
A 90-minute workshop exploring the writer, dramaturg and directors’ creative journey taking a new play from page to stage.

4:30pm – Rehearsed Reading:
THE BELL CURVES by Keisha Thompson 
Follow the protagonist Nana as she considers the science in her future. Set in Manchester, this story features an all-female cast who explore the human implications of CRISPR-Cas 9 gene-hacking technology.  

6:30pm – Rehearsed Reading:
TOO MUCH WORLD AT ONCE by Billie Collins
On his fifteenth birthday, Noble transforms into a bird. His sister Cleo is thousands of miles away. A play about home, and what happens when it spits us out.

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