Port of Call – Musician/Composer Vidar Norheim 24/08/2015

Main press shot, Nunnery Norheim, photo by James Wafer (1024x918)

1. Tell us a little bit about your character/role

I’m a musician in the play and co-composer of the music used in the show.

2. What attracted you to this play?

I love working with original music in theatre and especially when there is a chance to perform it live and be part of the show. As a Norwegian I am very interested in the historic connections in the play. The Second World War and the occupation of Norway affected all my grandparents in various ways and I have learnt more about how while working on this play.

3. If there was one memory you would like to hold onto, what would it be and why?

I played a small party once where Paul McCartney was. As he left he gave the band two thumbs up. I was in the middle of a vibraphone solo and got really distracted and couldn’t quite appreciate it at the time. Most people don’t realise that his biggest achievement is that he invented the thumbs-up – but I’ve never seen him use both hands before! (We must have been twice as good as anything he has ever seen before.) Also, he and the Beatles were my big heroes growing up and the reason I wanted to explore Liverpool when I moved from Norway.

4. If you were a sailor which port would you most like to visit?

Timbuktu sounds very exciting. I don’t know much about the place it but I love the name.

5. What are you looking forward to most about this production?

Getting into the bubble of the production. Forgetting about everything else.

6.Which song would you sing to get you through the rough seas?

Homeward Bound by Paul Simon maybe? Might have to come up with new lyrics.

’I’m sitting in a railway station…’

NARVIK runs at Liverpool Playhouse Studio 8th September- 19th September. Book tickets here