SparkPlug: Early Reviews Round-Up 18/02/2019

Following Press Night at HOME Manchester last week, the early reviews for SparkPlug are in…

“SparkPlug is a rare example of concept, purpose and performance fusing successfully into one immersive production. Under Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder’s direction, SparkPlug maintains pace and variety, forging Dave as a truly complex and sincere character… Cleverly structured, with well-designed set, sound and lighting, SparkPlug is a well-written, well-conceived and impressively executed new play.”
★★★★★ North West End

“Pure bliss… SparkPlug is a beautiful, remarkable piece of theatre, and Judge is one of the best actors I’ve had the pleasure of seeing grace the stage. This play is outstanding from start to finish. You need to see it.”
★★★★★ A Younger Theatre

“The script for SparkPlug is outstanding… Although SparkPlug is a single-person play it is hardly a dry monologue. Director Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder uses Judge’s highly physical performance style to create a dynamic and tense production. Central to this approach is Katie Scott’s remarkable set… Intensely moving and beautifully performed, SparkPlug is a play that rewards attention.”
★★★★ Reviews Hub

“Unflinching… in its exploration of racism, violence and masculinity. But it’s the great love and honesty at its heart that makes it such a powerful and compelling piece… A punchy, poetic and provocative play.”
★★★★ Northern Soul

“A well-told, detailed story, all told in a warm-hearted and often very funny way… Compellingly performed… A lovingly crafted story that has been turned into a really interesting piece of theatre that is well worth seeing.”
British Theatre Guide

“David Judge’s new play unflinchingly explores identity, race and family through the lens of his own experiences… Designer Katie Scott’s ingenious garage set… An extremely charismatic performance… Judge’s writing is poetic and powerfully direct… SparkPlug feels deeply personal, it’s a vivid and compelling labour of love.”
Circles & Stalls

SparkPlug successfully combines passionate storytelling with a compelling narrative, creating an incredibly powerful piece of theatre. It is refreshing to see a play written and told by a working-class voice.”
★★★★ The Play’s The Thing

“A compelling story… David Judge is utterly, utterly captivating… Mesmerising!”
★★★★ Caught in the Act

“Judge’s performance is captivating, carrying the audience through the messy complexities of Dave’s life with energy and compassion… SparkPlug is a play about men, boys, race, sexuality, Manchester and cars. You’re unlikely to see a story quite like it at the theatre – so I’d recommend you check it out if you can.”
North Manchester FM

“A moving autobiographical monologue exploring a special father and son bond… Judge lovingly interweaves his home city of Manchester into the personal narrative with bittersweet comic effect.”
The Stage

“Passionate, powerful, very personal… Judge’s performance, hopping in and out of several minor characters, is a real tour de force with brilliant timing and conviction… Well deserving of the first night’s standing ovation.”
Theatre Reviews North

“There are plays, productions, shows that you appreciate the work of, admire, praise, write about, commend. Then there are those that you actually want to frogmarch people into the theatre to see. Go immediately and see SparkPlug… A brilliant evening at the theatre.”
Honorary Manc

“The complexity of [David Judge’s] tale and his eloquent, passionate delivery command my total attention, and I’m transported into his world… Storytelling at its finest.”
Emma Hopley Reviews

SparkPlug runs at HOME Manchester until Saturday  23 February before touring nationally until 13 April 2019. Book now: