Ambers’ Work Experience Blog 06/07/2023

This week, we were joined by work-experience student Amber Larose, from Hartford Church of England High School. Amber is passionate about theatre, and we loved welcoming her to the team! On her final day, Amber wrote a blog about her experience, which you can read below.

I joined the Box of Tricks team for 4 days’ work experience with school, and I have to say that I couldn’t have picked a better place to introduce myself to the world of work. Everyone treated me well and welcomed me with open arms to the team; they valued my opinion and didn’t shy away from giving me actual work to do and not just the filler work that my fellow classmates have been given, while on their experience.

I have always been interested in theatre so finding a theatre company to do my work experience with has been a dream come true and has introduced me to so many different directions my career could take in the industry aside from performing. I have had the opportunity of talking with many professionals in the industry, like stage designers as well as many writers and it has given me the rare chance of seeing the reality of theatre work.

Although I have already touched on this, it was refreshing to have someone care about my opinion in a professional setting, and I never thought I would be respected so much in the workspace as I am only 15, they truly cared about what I thought about the scripts I reviewed and noted down any comments I made on how to improve them.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Box of Tricks Theatre, other than I wish I could have spent longer working there! It was truly the best place to have an introduction to the workplace and I wish the company and everyone who works there the very best for the future.