Reviews Round-Up for Last Quiz Night on Earth 01/03/2022

“Box of Tricks have completely nailed the notion of pub theatre with this play/quiz mash-up, managing to seamlessly blend the two as successfully as they blend the comedy and heart-wrenching drama… The mundanity of ordinary lives given extraordinary poignance… It crackles with brilliant comedy and pulls you up sharp with its punchy dramatic revelations.”
★★★★★ The Reviews Hub

“This comedic show spreads joy, laughter, and positivity by telling us that the beloved British pub culture is our country’s way of coming together through the good and the bad no matter who you are, and that life is too short to let opportunities pass you by. ”
★★★★ West End Best Friend

“This isn’t your usual show, and it certainly serves as an excellent night out if you are interested in watching something different… The decision to set the show in an authentic pub works brilliantly, and you do feel like you are part of the show, rather than just an audience spectator… A well-told story exploring love, change, and regret.”
I Love Manchester

“Pub theatre is a great leveller, as are quizzes, and people are encouraged to join with strangers, and make up a team… A hugely entertaining night down the boozer. ”
Quays Life

“Director Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder exploits the authenticity of the setting, in Manchester’s Derby Brewery Arms, to maximum effect… Laugh-aloud lines… A strong script and fine performances.”
British Theatre Guide