Tea Break Blog- Amy Fisher: Producer 14/05/2015



Tell us a little bit about your character/ role?

I am the producer on plastic figurines. This means that I am in charge of organising the tour, liaising with venues, making sure the creative team have everything they need and keeping an eye on ticket sales.

What drew you to this play?

I will be working with box of tricks on three very different productions in the 2015/16 season. What particularly excites me about Plastic Figurines is that it going on  a national tour to 16 venues. It is going to lots of the regional venues that I love to see work in. I am also excited to take the show back to London where box of tricks started out. I graduated in London but have never taken work back there since.

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

It is really hard to choose. I am a big chocolate fan. If I could only ever eat one type for the rest of my life it would be dairy milk fruit and nut.

What are you looking forward to most/ least about being on tour?

I will only tour to a number of the venues, most of the time I will be managing things from the office in Manchester. I am really looking forward to meeting the venues I have been working with over the past few weeks. I also quite like living out of my overnight bag when I am on the tour. Any kind of travel is exciting to me.

Who is your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

I’m going to be hated for saying this but it was really a bit before my time. They have actually made a really big comeback now though! I once won a teenage mutant ninja turtle soft toy at a raffle and was bitterly disappointed that I hadn’t won the chocolates! This tells you a lot about my love of chocolate.