Tea Break Blog – Richard Owen: Lighting Designer 19/10/2016

Richard Owen

Tell us about your role in Plastic Figurines?

I’m the lighting designer for the production. My role is to create, with Adam (director) and Katie (designer), the locations, atmospheres and times of day within the play, to give the audience a sense of passing of time and to help create the different locations for each scene. We have to create locations such as, a hospital, a home and gardens and different times of day from morning into the late of night and a time scale which covers almost a year.

Describe the play in three words?

Family, Inspirational, siblings

What are you most looking forward to about the London run?

As with everyone else on the production, I’m looking forward to seeing the production again, to be able to revisit the creative side of the production, change somethings, enhance other parts. It will be great for the production to get a longer run in one venue, to allow the production to settle into a rhythm and for more people to be able to see this fantastic production.

What was your favourite toy as a child?

A knitted stuffed penguin called Pengi which my Grandmother had knitted for me.

Why should people come and see Plastic Figurines?

It’s a fantastically well written, funny, heart warming play about family, siblings and learning to trust each other and your own instincts. It’s an intriguing view on a difficult subject but shows that people can come through challenging times. Overall it’s a wonderful play and a great and thought provoking night at the theatre.

Plastic Figurines ends its run at New Diorama this Saturday 22nd October. Book now: