Word:Play/NWxSW – Meet the Actors 13/02/2013

As we gear ourselves up for Word:Play/NWxSW rehearsals, Assistant Producer Charlotte Mountford asks our four actors four questions… 

Helen Carter 

How are you feeling about doing the Word:Play tour? 

Really excited. I love a good challenge and Word:Play definitely poses that. The four different roles I am performing are so different and so beautifully written. I’m really looking forwards to getting my teeth into them. 

Where are you most looking forward to visiting on the tour?

Well, just for the fact that I’ve never been there and it looks really pretty, I’m really looking forwards to visiting Frome! I love exploring new places and sightseeing so touring is a great way to do that. Also, being a Scouser, I always love performing in Liverpool and will relish the chance to perform at The Lantern Theatre – a venue I’ve not performed in.

What’s your favourite word?

My favourite word? God, there are so many… Erm, I quite like the word ridiculous. I use it a lot.

Scrabble or Boggle?

I just had to Google what Boggle was!  So I guess I have to choose Scrabble… Though Boggle looks much more of a laugh than scrabble. I think I’m more of a Boggle person. Executive decision – Boggle.

Matthew Ganley

How aryou feeling about doing the Word:Play tour?

Like a child queuing up for Space Mountain at Disney Land – excited, a little nervous and itching to go! I love the format of one show containing 6 unique short plays all inspired by one word. There will be something for everyone and we get to show them off up and down the country, brill!

 Where are you most looking forward to visiting on the tour?

 Bristol. I have never had the pleasure of visiting and am constantly told how beautiful it is.

What’s your favourite word?

At the moment it’s Qua which I recently discovered means ‘in the capacity of’. It’s the kind of 3 letter word in Scrabble you can whip out in desperate times and cause some real damage (especially if you can triple letter the ‘q’)!

Scrabble or Boggle?

Scrabble. For me, that’s the word game equivalent of FC Barcelona Vs Torquay United. Sorry Boggle (and Torquay United!).

Rachel Austin

How are you feeling about doing Word:Play?

I am really looking forward to the Word:Play tour. I love new writing. Also, I feel lucky to be given the chance to create four varied characters in such a small space of time. That’s exciting!

Where are you most looking forward to visiting on the tour?

I’m very excited about visiting the South West; I have only passed through Bristol briefly. Can’t wait to explore some new towns and cities.

What’s your favourite word?

My real favourite word is too naughty to mention! But my other  favourite word is ‘innit’…I say it quite a lot and I have no idea why.

Scrabble or Boggle?

I have never played either….we were a Pictionary family.

David Judge

How are you feeling about doing Word:Play? 

Very excited! Only my 2nd tour and I’ve never been to any of the theatres we’ll be visiting so… Yey!

Where are you most looking forward to visiting on the tour?

I love Bristol but my Mummy dearest lives in Torquay. So it will be nice to spend time in Exeter and catch up with her.

What’s your favourite word?


Scrabble or Boggle?

Scrabble… I’ve never played Boggle!


So it looks like a Box of Tricks Boggle game is necessary! Watch this space for more posts from the rehearsal room and an exclusive tour diary. We look forward to seeing you on the road!


Regional Tour :: NWxSW
March 2013

Octagon Theatre, Bolton
2nd & 4th March 7:30pm

Whitby Hall, Ellesmere Port
6th March 1pm

The Continental, Preston
7th March 8pm

Lantern Theatre, Liverpool
8th March 7:30pm

Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter
11th-16th March 7:30pm

Lighthouse Centre, Poole
22nd March 8pm

Merlin Theatre, Frome
23rd March 7:45pm

Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol
25th-26th March 8pm

Salisbury Playhouse
27th March 7:45pm